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Diff/Merge tool


Maybe this belongs in Off-Topic, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good tool for comparing a directory tree, and allowing me to copy only the “delta” (changed) files.

I’m working on a pretty substantial edit of the NETMF source tree (including more than just adding solutions/targets), and when I’m done, I’d like to be able to package up all my changes to a ZIP file that I can distribute (so people don’t need need to download the entire PK). The ZIP folder would then be extracted on top of a porting kit installation.

I was about to write a little script to do it, but I’m sure there’s got to be a useful utility out there to do this?


WinMerge is my favorite!


I like DiffMerge.



Haha, thanks guys – I’ll check them out.


It is really a matter of what you have started using first and if it did what you needed. I haven’t seen DiffMerge, but I will try it too and if does work better or more convenient to use I will switch.


I like DiffMerge, too.

We use it with TFS 2010. You can also use it with Subversion.


Use RoboCopy. It’s free, command line and can be turned into a batch file that can be scheduled to copy stuff on a regular basis. My favorite, and gives me all the control I need.


I am using SyncBackPro :
Perfect GUI (for me) and command line options, destinations : ZIP, FTP, CD, disk, drive
and the possibility to test your settings before you ruin your directory :slight_smile:

But I have the comercial version…


If would be nice if the PK were in Git/CodePlex and you could just fork it… Then we’d be able to see what you changed. :frowning: