Did I just fry my FEZ Cerbuino Bee?


I am trying to sense an input on GPIO_Pin1.

I assume this is the same as D1 on my Bee. I wanted to sense a positive 3-5 volts. So, I have the pin’s Resistor Mode set to PullDown. Here is my code:

InterruptPort IntButton = new InterruptPort(Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin1, false,
IntButton.OnInterrupt += new NativeEventHandler(IntButton_OnInterrupt);

After I deployed this, I took a jumper and connected D1 directly to the 5V pin on the power header (note, my board is powered directly form USB - no hub).

I saw no reaction of my interrupt:

    static void IntButton_OnInterrupt(uint port, uint state, DateTime time)
        Debug.Print("Input High");

Then, I got a Windows message about my USB device was drawing too much power.

Now I can not get the Bee to show up whatsoever in my control panel. Not even when I hold down the LDR button. Followed all the directions I could find. Even have a USB Hub in place now. But, still no luck. The Bee’s Power LED turns on, and will even blink (sometimes) when I try to enter the Boot-loader mode. But nothing in Control Panel.

After the Input logic, my application should be toggling the debug LED on/off - that’s not happening either… so I don;t know what more (if any) it is in.

I am wondering if this is fried? I suspect I should have had a resistor in series, since basically I just shorted that 5V pin to ground. Arr…

I should have purchased more than Bee, and I will purchase some more now… Unfortunately I had the afternoon slated to work on this and will have to wait it out.

@ drbolgioni - Welcome to the community!

I’d be pretty surprised if you killed your board…GPIOs should be able to handle 5v unless otherwise noted.

Make sure you’re following the steps listed here for the Loader Update:


and if you’re still having problems, and you have another PC available, try it on another machine.

If the board failed with just a 5v input, you may want to contact GHI directly to see if an RMA is in order:

@ drbolgioni - Welcome to the community.

Did you try a different USB port?

Yes - tried all USB ports. I received new boards and STDFU Tester sees it no problem.

This other (bad?) board will have to be revisited. For now, it’s resting in the graveyard. I have already tried many times to enter LDR and no luck.

  • Darren