DHCP Problem with VB.NET

i have the spider-kit for a few day and testing it .
I’m using the J11D-Modul with
.EnableStaticIP(“”, “”, “”)

and it works very well but wenn I change to
Do While .IPAddress = ""
Debug.Print("Awaiting IP Address " )
mvarIP = .IPAddress
Debug.Print("IP Address Granted: " + mvarIP)
End With

    GT.Networking.WebServer.StartLocalServer(mvarIP, 80)

nothing happens and I get no IP
I thing I need thomthing like
but I can’t find thomething like that.

need for help…thanks


so I can stop trying…

Hi Daniel,
Just have a new post in my blog with some VB code… and works for me :wink:


I hope this helps.
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Are you sure to have a DHCP properly configured (I mean that will give a IP corresponding to your mac address?)

@ PepLluis
Thanks, but it don’t works on my system…
I allways get the last static IP not a dhcp

what hardware do you use

@ Daniel,

My hardware is Spider with and J11D

As Leforban say it depents of DHCP configuration,for example if you get the IP from a DHCP lease.
My doubt is understand when you say “always get the last static ip”… this ip is out of DHCP Range or is in the same segment?

A good chance is try with another router, or assign an static IP to check if all is working fine.

        ethernet.NetworkInterface.EnableStaticIP("", "", "")

then in timer_tick you can show assigned IP adding “Debug.Print(ip.tostring)”


lets face it, most home class routers don’t do a great job of running DHCP; there’s many that have issues with certain NICs in PCs or similar. If you can, you can try another router.

I do not have a spider