Is there a unique value that identifies a specific FEZ device? I’m looking for something like a DeviceID, UnitID, SerialNumber, etc as long as it is unique to each device.

This seems to come up every so often on the forums. No there is not. You can determine the type of device but there isn’t a specific ID.


Well, there is but not exactly what you need. USBizi is the base of multiple devices so all these devices share the same ID.

Look here: [url][/url]

I need to determine on which of three FEZ boards the code is running, and I do it like this:

	public enum Fez
		Mini = 1,
		Domino = 2,
		Cobra = 5
	switch ((Fez)SystemInfo.SystemID.Model)
		case Fez.Miini:

		case Fez.Domino:

		case Fez.Cobra:

			throw new NotSupportedException("Unknown board!");

To be exact, those IDs are USBizi100, USBizi144 and EMX. What I mean is that Panda and Mini are both based on USBizi100 and so they have the same ID

There is none defined by default, but you can set one up using Configuration.PermanentUserKey (see the online API ) :slight_smile: