Device not found. (VS2013 NETMF SDK 4.3 Gadgeteer Core 2.43.1000)

Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate question. I tried a search but couldn’t find anything.

I’m setting up my system. I have the following installed:

VS2013 Community Edition
.NET SDK 4.3 (RTM)
.NET Gadgeteer Core 2.43.1000
.NET Gadgeteer Builder Templates
NETMF and Gadetter Package 2014 R5

I should note I’m also working with Adruino and I’d previously installed the Visual Micro extension for VS2013. I can access arduino boards plugged into a USB port when using VS.

I created a new project with the FEZ Spider main board and only one module attached (UC Battery 4xAA).

I cannot find the device on the project properties page. I’ve cold booted the system twice and I’ve tried different cables and USB ports. I have no other USB devices plugged into the system apart from a keyboard and mouse. Device manager is not showing any errors (nor does it show any ports…)

Any help is appreciated. TIA. Ralf

Does FEZ Config see your board connected?

what operating system?

That’s just too weird. I checked with Fez Config and the device didn’t show up. I shut FC down then removed and reattached the cable from the power module to the board and lo’ and behold! There it was. I could have sworn I double checked those connections but maybe not…

Anyway, I was able to upload a simple program and it worked. I noticed I had to revert the version back to 4.2 in VS. I’m assuming that means I need to use Fez Config to update to the new (4.3) firmware. Is that right?



double check is usually ok, but now we have to ask people to triple check them too :smiley:

Glad to hear we got past that.

Now onto apps. Yes, to deploy netmf 4.3 apps you need netmf 4.3 on the device. Use Fez Config again, check for updates, and it’ll tell you what versions you’re running, and bring them all up to date.

Good luck