Device appearing incorrectly

I have two computers for programming. On one computer the devices appear correctly but on the other I get:
G400 appears as G400
Cobra (G120) appears as G80
G80 appears as G400
Cerbuino Bee appears as G400

The USB driver is the GHI Interface on both computers.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

When you create a project and deploy it, is it working ?
If I use more than one device G30 and G80, they appear sometimes incorrectly but all is woking fine in VS.

Please ignore what you see under device manager. You can check the name in VisualStudio if you want to verify.

I have had problems deploying from one computer but not the other. The devices appear correctly on the computer that deploys successfully. I assumed the problem with deployment was associated with the incorrect device name. I need to look in project properties now to see what Gus is talking about.

I need to go to work so my follow up on this will be delayed.

Instead of looking in Devices I am now looking in the TinyCLR page in project properties
G400 appeared as G400 in VS and a program I had written previously did run.
G80 appeared as a G 80 but a new program did not deploy. I made sure the Nuget package was correct.
G120 appeared as G120 but a new program did not deploy
Cerbuino appeared as Cerberus but a new program did not deploy.

Progress has been made! The devices do appear correctly in VS.

I still have the deployment problem. In the past the corrective action would typically involve uninstalling and reinstalling SDKs and other components. Is this the direction I should take?

Which TinyCLR extension version are you using?

Gus, I am unsure about how to answer your question. The G400 connects and I can deploy programs. It uses TinyCLR 0.4

When I connect the G120 I ensure the program uses the ver 0l4 Nuget core. When I try to deploy I get:

Attempting to connect to device ‘USB:’: iteration 0.

Never seems to connect, looks like a USB driver.

Exactly my point. You should be using the latest and only the latest, 0.5 today. And that doesn’t not support all devices. 0.6 is about 2 weeks away and that has support for many more devices.