Developers' Guides for discontinued modules

Developers’ Guides for discontinued modules are removed (e. g. Radio FM1 and ColorSense modules). Even modules that are in production are missing guides (e. g. Tunes module - I am pretty sure there was a guide for this module some time ago). Could you please bring them back?

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@ iamin - The guides that were removed were either empty or had minimal information that should have been moved elsewhere. Is there something specific you are looking for?

I like when I can just copy/paste some example code to get the module running. Of course, I can investigate the source code, but copy/paste is my preferred method when I start working with a module. I will take a guess here, but I believe I am not alone who likes this practice.
For example, I want to test Radio FM1 and ColorSense modules and I would like to see something I could copy/paste. If there were no examples for these modules - no worries, I will write some code myself, but if there was - I would like to get those examples back.

And I think it is important for new players to be able to find some examples at least for all non-discontinued modules like Tunes.

this has been another task in task tracker that I started - minimal example code for each module to help eliminate hardware issues for newly sourced modules.

I totally agree…when I buy a new module I want to have some sample code that shows how the module works. I should not have to dig through driver code to come up with a minimal example.

Select module in designer. Hit F1. This displays the API for the module. Often there is an example in the documentation.