Devantech LCD03 driver


here’s a driver for the Devantech LCD03 LCD display that can be bought for example here :

The driver can use either serial (UART) or I²C to communicate with the LCD.

Usage is very simple :

LCD03 LCD = new LCD03(0xC6);    // I²C protocol

LCD.Cursor(LCD03CursorType.Hide);   // Hides cursor
LCD.BackLight(true);  // Turn on backlight
LCD.ClearScreen();   // Clears the screen
LCD.Write(1, 1, "FEZ rocks");  // Displays some text

You can download the driver here :

Zip file contains :

  • source code
  • assembly .dll
  • .chm help file

I hope you will find it useful.


no project on the wiki :frowning:

I couldn’t edit the “display” page, amongst others :frowning: It seems I can only edit the Contest page. Maybe I can add this driver to the contest page to increase chances :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? That is strange!
What is the link to the page you couldn’t modify?

In fact, the problem is that I can’t add new pages. But I can edit some existing pages.

This driver should go in the “Display” category, not far from the LCD LiveText page.

Here’s what I see when I open the “Display” page :

Now, here’s what I get when I click on the “Edit” tab :

I can edit the LCD LiveText page :

Do you see why I couldn’t add a new project ?

The only category I can edit is the “Contest page”. This gives me an idea, btw : maybe I could delete all others’ projects… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : forgot the requested page link : (link removed)

Adding a page is simple.

You just need to point to it and then select edit this page

Check it out:

(link removed)

Just change the title to your project.

Thank you ! B)

And sorry for the inconvienience…

Here it is : (link removed)

Thank you, Foekie :slight_smile:

Looks good, and no problem :wink:

Sorry to wakeup this (very) old thread, but here’s what I’ve found :

The driver’s code is 99% mine, even comments :frowning:

It’s really disappointing to see such guys stealing other’s work. It’s even worth for me as I share my work as soon as I can. And I don’t restrict any use on my code. That’s just too bad and not fair.

“Author” has been warned.

That is truly unbelievable! Just out of interest I compared the two files and I was shocked. I guess you can at least feel flattered that your code is copy worth. Btw. your code comments are awesome, I wish I had that discipline!

Oh man! That sucks! I am going to put a comment on his blog about it.

it looks like he put a link back to as a source for the driver…but still didn’t mention the name of the original author…

He didn’t like negative comments, for sure. I don’t see my comment there.

Maybe he simply didn’t know who made it.

Christophe’s name was in the code comments. He just replaced it with his name and removed examples from the comments. Everything else is word-to-word the same.

Okay, so everybody who reads this thread should post a not so subtle reminder on his blog, so he gets the idea. Don’t be polite. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t make them public.

Or even better an email to his “second supervisor professor” - Michael Luck (Department of Informatics | King’s College London). Plagiarism is not tolerated well in academics, especially for someone working on his PhD.

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@ Architect - you beat me to it. I’m writing an email to Professor Luck right now. Hopefully he will take some action.

Just include the reference to this thread in your e-mail . I think that would be enough.