Dev boards Mikrobus sockets pinout


Can someone provide the pins used for the Mikrobus sockets on the SC20260D and SC20100 dev boards, please ?

The links for schematics do not work and I can’t read on the pictures :frowning:


No one ? :cry:

Does this help? These should be more visible, or easier to blow up.




Perfect !

Thank you very much.

Please note that pins may change on final production boards, not likely though.

That would not be a real problem for me, as long as the information is available.

Is this info needed for a hardware design or software?

It is only needed for software, so on our side it would be only some lines of code to modify.

Unless you modify pin functions on the MCU side, e.g. a pwm pin becomes an analog pin, there is not much damage for me regarding hardware.

If there is any change it would be very minor. Maybe one line of code.

Your driver’s should work on any board regardless. See FEZ Stick for example

So far, our drivers are coded to run on any board, whether they have Mikrobus sockets or not :wink:

However, we facilitate the programmers’ life by adding definitions for SC20100, SC20260 and our (hopefully future) MBN dev board, so that you only have to pass a known socket to the driver.

If the board does not have Mikrobus socket, then you simply create a “virtual one” that holds the needed pins and pass it to the driver. It’s as simple as that.

This gives code like this one :

_fram = new FRAMClick(Hardware.SocketOne);  // For MBN dev board socket #1
_fram = new FRAMClick(Hardware.SC20100_1);  // For SC20100 dev board socket #1
_fram = new FRAMClick(Hardware.SC20260_2);  // For SC20260 dev board socket #2

var mySocket = new Hardware.Socket
    Rst = STM32H7.GpioPin.PG9,
    Cs = STM32H7.GpioPin.PH10,
    Int = STM32H7.GpioPin.PG10
_fram = new FRAMClick(mySocket);    // For an hypothetical dev board

Btw, it’s been like that since the beginning of our MBN ecosystem.

So, if you can provide the pinout for the FEZ Stick, I will gladly add it to the know boards definition :wink:


We are still not sire how we are going to expose the pins to users easily. We have the pins labeled so a user can just read them off the board. We may also add to the pins NuGet.

But, if you are adding a dynamic driver for it like Gadgeteer did then AWESOME! We will share the pinout when we feel the design is not going to change.

This help?

Thank you for the effort but I did already have those. And they do not say which pins are tied to the Mikrobus sockets on the different dev boards, hence my request :wink:

But @mcalsyn did reply with the needed information.

According to the dev thread on the 20100 board, the label “SP1” is incorrect, it’s “SPI”, you probably figured that out already, . I’m having a bit of a challenge getting the LoRa click to work so might ask you to help if I don’t have any success, I’ll start another thread for that. Cheers!

Posting pinout here is a very bad idea. If we find an issue we will fix the docs but this post will have the wrong pinout. There is a reason we are slowly moving, to make sure all is perfect for you.

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