Detroit Maker Faire 2013

We are very excited to come to Maker Faire Detroit and share some great new things. Please come see us, we would love to meet everyone in person. Maker Faire is at the Henry Ford museum, this weekend, July 28th and 29th. We will have a lot of things to show you, including:

FEZ Medusa will have its first appearance at 9:30AM Saturday Morning. What is FEZ Medusa? It is a $10 Mainboard!

FEZ Game-O has been posted on KickStarter, a crowdfunding website, for a few days. We have reached the set goal and we are starting mass production. We will have FEZ Game-O on display at Maker Faire.

The new FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit and FEZ Hydra Hacker Kit will be on display and selling for a very special low price. These kits have been built from the ground up with education and quick learning in mind. The kits will ship pre-loaded with a working demo and a lot of teaching materials to help developers of all levels.

FEZ Cerbot will be selling at a special price and getting some nice acrylic styling to show off at Maker Faire!

Last but not least, Microsoft will be at Maker Faire as well and will have some fantastic demos using some of our products. We cant talk about them now but please come and check them out. We will surely share some pictures for those who cant come.

Maker Faire Detroit:
FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit:
FEZ Hydra Hacker Kit:


$10.00 Mainboard! Specs please!

That is cheap.


We can’t talk about it :slight_smile:

Link for the Hydra hacker kit does not work :frowning:

Should work now.

This sounds extremely promising. Sounds like it will be useful for those very small projects where you just need to interface to one or two modules. There have been a couple of very small and inexpensive Arduino boards appearing on the market lately and hopefully this will the NETMF equivalent. Looking forward to the announcement.

STM32F1 based on Oberon’s original port, is my guess?

If you’re in the mood for guessing … there’s a hint on the main forum page.

i am alive


:smiley: “These are not the Gadgets you’re looking for.”

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If you keep teasing us I will be sending Darth Vader next!!! :slight_smile:

Update: Just in case you think I am all talk and no bite, see the pic. That is me in the hoody giving my buddy Darth his next instructions…

Where there more details given about the Fez Medusa?

All is coming very soon. Even Lynx is coming very soon.

You guys should see the look on people’s face when we said “and this is the $10 mainboard” :slight_smile:

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When will you come?. I’m very eager to learn.