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Detach debugger in code


Is there a way to detach debugger from code. After main exiits after a button click, I wanted debugger to detach to get VS control back automatically. Not a big deal is not.


Not possible


You could, however rig an Arduino or something up to connect to VS and stop debugging on button press.


Or USB client?


Why if you can just click a button on VS to stop debugging?!


Not a big deal. My app exits after button push. Would just be a handy visual que that everything disconnected and just go right back into code. When you bouce back and forth, it saves a little time. But that is ok. Thank you for answer.


Why if you can just click a button on VS to stop debugging?![/quote]

Well, maybe you want to have two buttons on your workbench to start stop VS. I dunno. My electronics desk is a few feet from my computer desk. Sometimes, it’s nice to have short cuts to do things.