Deployment issue on G120 FEZ Cobra

Dear all

well I had abandoned my tests with .NETMF, but now I spring my FEZ Cobra II from the dust!
I installed the new bootloader.
i installed the GHI library as explained in the tutorial (tinyCLR 0.8)
i create a new VB project. the compilation is OK.
now, no way to deploy my “hello world” on the G120.

i’m using VS2017
the “TinyCLR Config software” find the G120 device on COM4, bootloader v2.04. but the “debug” tab can’t connect to the board (Connection failed). i try several combinaison with LDR0 and LDR1 switch. :frowning:

when i try to deploy, i obtain this message :

Looking for a device on transport ‘USB’.
Found device port ‘USB’ with ID ‘d7a3a084-0893-4ccb-9ef4-b7249d38212c’ for transport ‘Usb’.
Starting device deployment.
Attempting to connect to device ‘USB:’: iteration 0.

in the VB property :

  • tab “Application” : there is nothing in the “Framework target” field … is it normal ?
  • tab “TinyCLR OS”, which deployment method need i select ? USB or Serial (COM4) ?

please any help would be appreciate !
thanks, regards

Please read the release notes known issues. Not sure whether your problem is related to issue in release notes, but issue may want to make you rethink your use of Visual Basic.


which the release note you mean please?

the problkem is maybe because i’m using VB … but i would like to be sure !?
in my description, do you find something wrong ?


Should also be in the GHI area of your computer.

well i can read “Support for the embedded Visual Basic runtime is incomplete and some uses may throw cryptic compile errors.”

OK … but as explain, the compilation seem working without trouble ! NO errors when i compile !

Based upon that message, I would suspect most people would wait until support is complete. I have not seen any postings from a member successfully running a VB application.

I suspect GHI is not doing much, if any, QA with VB.

you maybe right !.. but the message is “may throw cryptic compile errors.”” … again, no error on my simple blink led test !

nobody use VB with TinyCLR ?


Someone recently had an issue with projects when not created on the main drive.

Also make sure you have the latest firmware installed, so for the bootloader of course.

well i will try to create a fresh project on C: !

please can you confirm the settings about the VB property in my first post …?


VB is supported and known to work. The known issue pointed out is for more advanced uses and does not impact the typical program.

If COM4 is showing up, either the firmware is not deployed or it is forced into serial mode. To go from NETMF to TinyCLR, you need to manually load the second stage bootloader onto the device. It’ll show up as version 2.0.4 which it looks like it is for you. After that, you then need to load the actual firmware using the Loader tab in TinyCLR Config.

Once the firmware is deployed, you don’t need to change any settings in Visual Studio to deploy. Just create a new project and press F5 to start debugging. It’ll automatically find and connect to the device if it’s present.


the TinyCLR Config show me 2.0.4 G120 : the bootloader seem right installed.
the other tab can’t connect to the board

by “After that, you then need to load the actual firmware using the Loader tab in TinyCLR Config.” you mean the application from /debug directory ?? which file ?
as explain the “loader tab” show me an error.

You need to load two separate files before you can load your application. walks you through getting the G120 prepared.

The debug tab won’t connect until you load the second file, the firmware, using the loader tab.

thanks John, thats was my error …
i hade only update the 2.0.4 bootlader !


We’re glad you got it working.