Deploying indefinitely

I have 3 gadgeteer modules hooked up to my cerbuino now.

When I build and deploy it is deploying infinitely until I cancel it.

What would cause that?

Hi sq77,

A few people have had issues deploying to their Cerb-Family boards. We have repeatedly deployed and redeployed and cannot reproduce the issue.
A few questions that you can provide answers to can help.
First, what is the firmware version that you are using?
Second, if you have used the most recent firmware, do you have QFE2 installed on you computer?
Third, do you have enough power to the board, ie external power and/or USB on a powered hub?
Fourth, when you flashed the board, did you do the “Create from Map” step?

Yes, I did the CREATE MAP step, as per the tutorials here.

I have installed

I have QFE2 installed

I am using USB power

Hey, I went and did MFDeploy again and it worked.

Perhaps before I did the DFU but forgot the MFDeploy

Do you have another PC available that you can try to use? Some of the people here having issues found that it may be just the one PC causing the issue. We are looking further into the deploying issues.

That is possible. When you use DFU it only installs the TinyBooter and TinyBooter cannot deploy programs. :slight_smile: Glad to see it is working for you.

I have also been having the problem on occasion and I have found 2 ways to get past it.

  1. Pressing the reset button on the Cerb and restarting deployment (this usually works)
  2. Use MFDeploy to erase the Cerb and then deploy to a clean device.

Additionally, I also had this happen on my FEZ Minis and FEZ Panda IIs with about the same frequency.