Deploying files to Panda II SD card


I need some web pages on SD card that will be used by my fez application. So I wonder if there is any possibility to preload all files and images on the SD card from my project when i deploy my application or the only way is to copy them to a formatted SD card and plugged into the Panda II before starting the application.

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If you have sizeable files, then the only way is to transfer them to your SD card direct. Panda II doesn’t have endless memory so you’ll probably not have room to deploy them then write them out to SD (if you even needed to).

You could however add CDC to your app so that when it starts it comes up in mass storage mode, you can copy the files over, then once done you can go into “normal” web server mode.

I have a small number of web files in my Panda webserver, and I write them out in my app - so if I need a change to them I deploy the app again, and it writes out what has changed, then the web server offers them up as needed.

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@ andre.marschalek - Thanks but this solution is not valid to me because i have “sizeable” files.

@ Brett - I’ve been reading about what you told me about adding CDC to my app in order to comes up in mass storage mode when application starts.
I do not understand if you mean start app into mass storage mode (using USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartMassStorage()) and then add manually the files, or do you mean transfer files by CDC virtual serial port?

sorry, I am a beginner… :slight_smile:

If you are a beginner, then start “small” and just move an SD card between your PC and device.

What I mean is to start your app and look for a condition, it might be the LDR button pressed or something, and if that is met then you go into CDC mode. This then presents your storage on the device to the connected PC. Then that will allow you to copy the files from your master source, the PC, and put them on the web server SD card.

Then disconnect your device and reboot and it goes into web server mode and your new files are “live”

It all depends how “easy” you want this process to be, and how often you want to update the files.

The simple answer is that there’s no way to embed large files in a Panda project so that deployment can occur, because of it’s limited memory.