Deploying an Obfuscated Assembly

Hello, I recently started to looking at obfuscation and am trying to figure out how to deploy an obfuscated version of my projects assembly to my Fez Raptor Dev board, I’m using Babel Obfuscator which basically creates the Obfuscated assembly in a Babel folder inside my projects bin folder, my question is, how do I deploy this assembly rather than the unobfuscated assembly to my Dev Board?

Hmmm, says here that it is supported,


@ chillydk147 - VS is the only way I know of to get a program onto the device initially. If I remember directly, VS deploys the pe files to the device, not the DLLs. Does Babel output obfuscated PE files to that folder? I was able to find nothing on their site about NETMF except a few statements that it is supported.

@ John, hi, Babel creates a folder inside my projects bin called BabelOut, see image, there is a Tab within the Fez Config application called Deployment which gives the option of writing a Hex File, would it be a case of somehow converting my dll/exe to .hex and using this Application

@ chillydk147 - What is inside the Babel folder? Both FEZ Config and MFDeploy can only deploy hex files. The only way I know of to get hex files is to read an application from the board after it has been deployed.

@ John - Inside the BabelOut folder is a Gadgeteer.dll file, the obfuscated version

@ chillydk147 - Unless there is more documentation on NETMF support on their site, I do not think you can get that DLL onto the device.

You can try replacing the existing DLL with the one from the Babel folder and just do a deploy from VS. It might not do a build.

@ John - I tried this, it always overwrites the obfuscated dll, so it must be doing a build before it deploys

@ chillydk147 - I do not think it is possible then. Do you know of any NETMF specific documentation on their site?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be