Deployed Bad App. Now I Cant Redeploy

Noob so I couldn’t figure out what to search to fix this. So I deployed a program that has a endless while loop that just lists WIFI ssids and nothing else as I was trying to debug and look at what all I would have access to in the lib. When I tried to run it, the debugger died and the board (I have a feather) got really hot. Now when I plug it in I can’t upload a different program or even use the config program to reset it. Can I hold down one of the buttons to put it in a flash mode or something? Not sure even what to try. Thanks for your help!

So I started holding down buttons. I held down the APP button when I plugged it in and I was able to connect to it and remove the bad app. Was a total shot in the dark and I am not entirely sure what that does or if it is the right way to do it? Would still like to know. Thanks!

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Good guess! That is exactly what the app button is there for.