Deploy net Gadgeteer application

Hello, i finished to develop the net gadgeteer project in VS 2012, successfully deployed the assemblies to FEZ Raptor. Now i want to deploy my project to another FEZ Raptors, but i am going to keep my source code private. Is there any solution or tutorial how to do it? Thank you.

In mfdeploy, look for create application deployment…

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Ok, i found this option. It creates the .hex file. That is all i need? After make a deployment project (.hex) just connect another FEZ Raptor and deploy this file to it? Sorry for a stupid questions i just want to make sure that i am on the right direction, dont want to make a brick from my friends fez… thank you.

Yes that is all you need.

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As long as the Raptor’s have the same firmware then that is all you need to deploy your code. If you build with a different one you will need to supply the firmware as part of the update.


Thank you very much for replies