Deploy get Link Failure message


when I try to deploy the first example of Glide guide I get this error…

that means that the version of Glide you have is targeting the 4.1 framework (4.1.2821.0 to be precise) and you have a 4.2 framework on your mainboard. You need to re-compile the glide project for yourself for 4.2.

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Perfect! Thanks very much!!!

i have the same error

how can i re-compile glide for 4.2??

I created a new directory and called it Glide-42 and then copied the contents from the original glide to this new directory.

Now just open the glide project in VS and then change the target to NET 4.2 and then do a rebuild. You will now have a 4.2 version of glide you can use with your apps and you still have a 4.1 version so no need to recompile it each time you change.