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Deploy error from MFdeploy


I have FEZ with 7" display. Running the latest versions of TinyBooter and EMX firmware. Have my application running just fine. Created a deployable application with MFdeploy. But …

When I select this application and deploy it to my other FEZez most of the time I get the error “Signature check failed for file …”. Tried erase, rebooting CLR, reboot and stop, but there is not an obvious reason for this error it seems. Sometimes the 1st time I have a deploy error and when I deploy the same app again the app loads fine.

Also, when I perform a Reboot CLR after have received the signature error, the applicatioin is there and runs fine.

What is causing this kind of trouble and how can I solve it? Any suggestions?


Are you using a good power source? The 7" display draws a lot of power.


During the development phase I used 5 VDC 2.5 A max, with a wire between Vin and 5V as stated in the docs.

On the customers site we used 6V DC, 1.4A max, this should be sufficientI think. I measured FEZ draws about 700 mA is that correct?

All FEZez behaved in the same unpredictable way.


Have you entered the GHI loader then erase all using E command then load TinyBooter and then the firmware from the exact same SDK?

The most common problem is from users updating the firmware but forgetting TinyBooter.


They all have and had version (both bootloader and firmware). I just checked once more.

Before I started using MF deploy, I also updated those, just to be sure, since I noticed remarks about that in another thread.

Once I have these versions loaded, I don’t need to update them eacht time I want to use MF deploy is it?


No, you only need to do this one time.

If you can provide a procedure for us to see the same behavior on our bench then it will be easy to know what is going on.