Deploment: Image Extract fails

I have my code working on USBizi.

Now I am trying to extract the image to deploy it to other USBizi board.
But the deploy tools tells
"Device has old or unsupported configuration"
when I do Target->Create Application Deployment

How do I fix this.
I am using MF Deploy 4.1.2821.0

Mfdeploy doesn’t work with usbizi like it does on other devices.

GHI loader has commands to cover this on usbizi.

Gus . Thanks

It is not clear in the manual how to do it

I am at the BL prompt after pressing % at power up

To initiate the download I press G, nothing happens.
I also tried the XMODEM->Receive 1K after that.

Any help on how to do this

This is different form EMX.
Please check USBizi user manual for details.

Put the board in BL mode first using the BL#/Loader pin.
You should see a COM port. Make sure you can send a get version command.
Next initiate XModem receive, it should work fine.

Yes…I am doing all that

GHI loader commands are now active

But pressing G or L does not doing anything

You must have one old USBizi. 1.05 is very old an these commands are not supported.
From user manual:
“Updating your managed application from the GHI boot loader is available from boot
loader version 1.06 and above.”

I did update the

does it include the GHI Loader.
I do not see the tiny booter in the installation

You can’t update the loader, your device is from years ago and doesn’t support the feature you need. All new devices have it.

ok…got it.

I have ordered some new chips yesterday.

Hope fully I get it soon