Demo on cobra

I was browsing the forum and I cant find the link for this topic. So I hope this is ok to start a new one…

When I deploy the demo the comiler whinges about all sorts. I think the original was to do with the mp3 chip. However it does appear that you have to remove all links to the chipworkX board as there will be errors…

Is this the case… If I purchase the MP3 extender… will the libraries be ok? I mean will they work without the chipworksx.

Cheers Ian

What project did you use?

The one directly linked under your video…

By the way I think the sounds ok (you can’t please everyone can you)

I might buy a chipworkx from you anyway… because on the cobra there is a little flicker… especially when an SD card or USB stick is inserted…

I’ll be using this board on a comercial basis and I believe, once up and running I’ll be needing a hell of a lot more ( I hope you do discounts )

Regards Ian

I was hoping for a link :frowning:

The example should just compile and work.
This is the one you should be using (link removed)

same one… isn’t it
(link removed)

I linked it from the last post on this page “Graphical Demo”

It references chipworksx about three times… I just deleted all the links (they were refrenced on the mp3 control , accelerometer control and the noise maker control

regards Ian

The demo is made to work on ChipworkX and on EMX but it should just compile.

We will take a look and let you knwo

Cheers !!

Not that it matters because its up and running…
I’ve just checked my firmware and it’s the same as my GHI NETMF so we’re
singing from the same song sheet…

You knew how to fix it but the project should work easily for everyone…it should be freakin’ easy! :smiley:

This was also the case in the first demo program.
You just need to change the 3 lines of code (or comment) and add the GHIelectronics cobra assembly.

Then you are good to go :slight_smile: