Demo of Pete's Awesome MIDI Module in Action

Between last night and this morning, I made a pretty simple MIDI arpeggiator using Pete’s wicked cool MIDI Module ( I put a little additional polish on the project and wrote up a blog post, which you can read here:

There’s a video of the project as well, and I’ve included a link to the full project, for anyone interested in trying it out themselves.

Well explained and I love the video.

Thanks, Gus! Appreciate the kind words.

I would’ve worked in the video out module, but kinda needed touch for this project. :slight_smile:

Very cool! And all done in few hours. Gadgeteer is great!

I was having a conversation with the Meeblip guys today and they had seen your project and the midi module and were rather impressed as they had already seen it before I mentioned it to them (cool news travels fast)

Gadgeteer’s reputation and fame continues to grow, based on the cool projects that people can and have built with it.

Great job as always!

I’ve had some great conversations with James over on the Meeblip side. We have similar interested and a love of OSH synthesizer hardware. I definitely support what he’s doing and have mentioned his Meeblip Micro to several people who have asked about what to use the MIDI module with.


Andrew, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is awesome.

I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face last night after seeing your first video.


@ Pete

The work you put into the MIDI module is what made the project possible. All I did was plug some modules in, and sling a little code (OK, I did successfully solder up both the MeeBlip and the MIDI module, so I’ll take a little credit).

But hey, plugging modules in and slinging a little code…isn’t that sort of what Gadgeteer is supposed to be all about? :wink:

I guess we must be doing something right as a community!


Just had some fun soldering up my MIDI module. Everything went smooth as silk and it’s a beauty! Pete, thanks for soldering on the TTL chip in advance :slight_smile: Good thing for your excellent documentation. I came “this” close to “fixing” that bridge before checking the docs… Yea, yea…I know I should always read the docs first…

One question…what are the extra holes for under the input jacks near the edge of the PCB? Mounting?

Thanks for not fixing that bridge :slight_smile:

You mean under MIDI IN and MIDI OUT?

Different MIDI jacks have the strain relief solder connectors in differnet spots. Most have them in the same spot the ones I sent use, however.

If you put the board up on standoffs on a board-o-holes, I recommend putting a couple standoffs under the module, but not attached to it (screw them in through the mounting board, not the module). My next major rev of the board will have four mounting holes instead of two, despite that making the board quite a bit larger. Most people use standoffs and that’s just too much strain without extra mounting holes or shoving a couple under there like I just mentioned.


Yep. Ah, I see.

Andrew, I see you’re also on Channel 9 now.

@ ian

Yep…that’s where I originally published the video. Just embedded it in my blog. :slight_smile: