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i linked an arduino and a fezpanda2 by UART. But when i send for exemple 20, fez receive 48. So i saw that the message is cut in chars or something else.
Can you help me to convert to recover 20.


Show us your code, please.


byte[] recu_data = new byte[1];
bool recue = false;

 while (recue == false)
                    read_count = Sender.Read(recu_data, 0, 1);
                    if (read_count > 0)
                        recue = true;




Debug.Print(new string(Encoding.UTF8.GetChars(recu_data[0], 0, 1);


You are probably sending 20 as a string. 48 is decimal value of the ascii character ‘0’. So you probably receiving 50 and 48.


i can’ write

 Debug.Print(new string(Encoding.UTF8.GetChars(recu_data[0], 0, 1);

there are an error. But when i write :


it print : System.Char[]

yes,i saw that i receive 2 different values : 48 and 50. How can i convert them and assemble them ?
Because i receive the second value, just if i do a second read of the message.


My bad. That was quick & dirty… Try it like this.

Debug.Print(new string(Encoding.UTF8.GetChars(recu_data, 0, 1);


no, i have an error

Debug.Print(new string(Encoding.UTF8.GetChars(recu_data, 0, read_count);


Finally i succeeded,

fez code :

String part1 = recu_data[0].ToString();

but i used an other method to send message in arduino.


Before i used


and it send String. But the “Serial.write” send a single byte.

Thanks for help :wink:


Excellent. I figured all you needed was to know about the Encoding library and you’d figure it out :wink: