Debugging over Ethernet

I know it is possible to debug and deploy .netmf over ethernet. Let’s say that I have a Cerb device, with no ethernet stuff, but I have a usb host device (Rasp Pi or Beagle etc) connected to it. Would it be possible to write a bridge application that will “expose” the Cerb device to Visual Studio over TCP/IP?

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We do not support Ethernet debugging on any of the NETMF devices.

Really? Are you sure? :-[

Alright, so then it would have to be a wrapper around the usb data which then exposes it as a virtual serial port to visual studio. More work than I thought but it is necessary.

So the TCP/IP option is only for deploying but not for debugging? Is this a Microsoft limitation?

@ Mr. John Smith - We just do not support TCP/IP deploying or debugging on our devices. It isn’t something we have implemented or tested in the firmware.


We did support Ethernet debugging in the past but was problematic back then. I think we were at netmf 3.0

GHI SDK 4.1.x did support TCP/IP Deploy and debug.
MS supports it also with 4.2 and 4.3, but GHI dropped it with 4.2.
For me it also would be a nice to have, as long as I can use other Network communication in parallel, but it’s not a must.