Debugger Thread Terminated

Have the 4.1 rev working on my XP development machine now (hint: uninstall sjj and any other micro framework drivers BEFORE upgrading!) and I periodically get this error when clicking debug:
“Incrementally deploying assemblies to device
Deploying assemblies for a total size of 193140 bytes
Assemblies successfully deployed to device.
The debugging target and the debugger engine failed to initialize because of unspecified device errors.
The debugger engine thread has terminated unexpectedly with error ‘Controller not started, cannot create message’.

It always happens during the Cobra reboot!
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Did you copy the dll as explained in the important read me file :slight_smile:

Also, are you sure your screen name should be newguy? You will not be new in few days :wink:

But of course, all dll’s are present and accounted for!

I do believe it’s a timing issue…for some reason the Cobra reset using my laptop takes, at most, 2 secs, but my XP box takes 4-5, during which the debugger fails to see the device and errors out!

Not sure how to proceed…maybe faster XP USB drivers? :slight_smile:

Please open the sdk zip file and see the important text file in it’s root

I see there’s a new SDK dated today. Is this a needed upgrade after 4.1 or does it just contain updated notes?

We removed the dll hack from the sdk since Microsoft just releases a new 4.1 with fixes

I take it that would be in the SDK dated Aug 25th?

Does this mean we should reinstall the MS MF SDK?

The MS SDK is dated to Aug 24th, so I would say yes.

The latest SDK might only involve a new version of the debug dll which we have already replaces with a GHI patched version.

I guess we could do no wrong by installing the new one, but I thought it was worth asking.

Here you go:

Well, after having uninstalled everything, including VS 2010 Express (somehow it found my compact framework 6.0 SDK and refused to load AFTER uninstalling the GHI SDK, and 4.1 mf SDK), I, literally, started from ground zero: re-installed, as per your download page ( Tip: flash the firmware first!!!), VS 2010 Express, MF 4.1 SDK QFE (“Quick Fix for Engineering”, if you must know), and the ‘new’ GHI 4.1 SDK…and it works!!!
In my humble opinion (IMHO in another world), this is WAY too much to expect from us to support this platform…ever use an Arduino? 10 minutes and you’re running code…40 bucks and an hour later your sending tweets from a remote battery-backed Seeeduino Stalker…just saying!

More features almost always requires more work as do full version changes. Ever try to load a 0017 arduino app with IDE 0018? It’s a nightmare, just saying.

And speaking as the author of Pyxis OS for the Arduino not having to spend another $50 for a uSD module and 4 months messing around thanks to horrid help docs just to run external apps is a big bonus too.

Point? If you don’t follow the directions it may take a bit longer to get going but it’s worth it. My setup btw painless and fast.