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Dear Santa!


About to send Santa (not FEZ Santa) my wish list with pretty much one item in it.

Curious what kinds/brands of oscilloscopes other members of the forum are using. Any recommendations?


I have a USB based one and I’m very happy with it. Love the digital analyzer.


Great, Geir!

Looks interesting.

I like this one:

but it is still in “prototype” mode.

I wonder if GHI would be interested in making a product like that (if there is enough interest of course).


I have a Tektronix TDS 2002 ( and it’s a very good device.

One tip when buying a USB scope: check if it can set a Hold-off period while triggering. You need this functionality when f.e. you want to analyse serial communication signals and want to trigger on the startbit.


Thanks, Wouter! Good tip.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Tektronix scopes and their price too :o :smiley:


Picoscope. Expensive, but you get what you pay for.


I second the picoscope. It’s on my wish list too (for a while :’( )


I have a tektronix scope as well as two older analogue scopes… But in today’s world with analysers I hardly ever use them. A bus analyser is more useful especially with high speed digital devices.

I’ve always thought that picosope’s are small bandwidth scopes.

Cheers Ian


Only if you consider 12Ghz low bandwidth :wink:


Right, with $10K for lowest in that series :o;D
I think Santa will s… his pants if I’ll send him that one.


Meh, you get what you pay for. They are very nice units. Even came with a nice, long, high quality USB cable 8)

I guess for paying as much as I did, I deserved one… ::slight_smile:


For a handheld oscilloscope, DSO Nano is already on sale… but it has only one channel, which is the downside…

EDIT: Looks like Architect’s a newer version of that scope… well, I will wait for it too!


Yep, DS0201 is selling. The new one is DS0203.

Still nothing :frowning:


Here is a update for the quad by the group that is doing it.

i have the dso nano version 1 myself and love it as a portable scope.

ps josh i tried to post this with my cr-48 a few min ago and it errored out will try again on another thread to see if its the new box/chrome os or the site.


Well, as long as there is a progress I can wait a little bit more. I like quad. ;D


The current case is neat enough! I prefer it than the hacked mp4 player case!


Guys, thanks for showing DSO nano. My santa will definetly bring me one ;D



Nano is a neat little guy, but quad is going to be so much better. ;D


Some news for all who is waiting.

My gues price will be around 150$, maybe less on experimental batch.


That looks so sweet! ;D