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DC Motor Driver Board - Driver?


Hello all,

Just got my Panda a couple days ago. Played with blinking LEDS via timer and PWM, that was cool.

I bought a DC Motor Driver Board which I was trying to hook up, but when using the Code Snippet from the PDF from the page and attaching the Driver to the Project, when I build I get an error which I don’t understand from the Driver file.

I know I don’t know what I am doing, but do I need to add something else for VS2010 Express to read the Outport??

Looked through the tutorial and Ebook, couldn’t find anything relating, also thru wiki projects and the forum, kinda don’t understand which direction to go.

Any direction would be great.


Mike in MN


You are missing the reference to the OutputPort class. Look at GHI’s API reference in “downloads” to see which reference it’s in, then add it to the references folder on your solution explorer.


See this in FAQ


So I added every reference of GHI in the project and referenced the using directive, also in the Object browser I searched “all components” for the “outputport” with no results. Also added the references from the Faqs #16, also no luck.

I must be missing something.

Thanks for the direction, I will look into it when I have a bit more time.

I will keep you posted when I figure it out.

Mike in MN


OutputPort is in Microsoft.Spot.Hardware…


Just about to walk away, and I found it under Microsofts API search.

It was I didn’t have the Reference in the Solution Explorer for Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.

Like I said, missing something. Now to clean up a bit, added quite a bit of things randomly.

Thanks for the point of the API reference. It will come in handy to a newbie like me.

Mike in MN


Thanks, Mike,

got it 2 seconds before your post.

Mike in MN


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: