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DC Adapter input for FEZ Cobra


What are the specs for the barrel connector on the FEZ Cobra? Size, polarity, acceptable voltage range, etc?

Would a 9V, 650mA switched mode adapter be too high of a voltage?


it is 2.1mm standard power pack connector with positive on the inner pin. 9V would work fine with no display but with display you will see some overheating so we recommend 6V.

The polarity and voltage is already marked on the board.


You should definitely NOT use 9v with the display. It WILL overheat (the voltage regulator).

Even without display I would suggest to stick to the described voltage on the board (6V)


I think the external voltage question needs to be a sticky made prominent on the site :slight_smile:


Yes. It should be put in big bold letters don’t burn out your cobra keep the voltage low.