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Looking for some one to point me in the right direction again.

I want to provide date/time functionality for my users. I do have power “all the time” provided by a battery; but I don’t want to keep the cobra 2 running all the time b/c of its current draw.

Does anyone know of a low power IC out there which would keep time for me?



You just have to ensure that RTC pin is power supplied.


Add RTC battery and hibernate the Cobra II. You can wake it up with an RTC alarm or external interrupt.


Another option if you have the Cobra 2 WiFi board and assuming you are connected to a network is to get the time from a time server. I have this on one project where I don’t currently have a battery fitted. :slight_smile:


Do you have any measurement on a hibernated Cobra II board power usage?


@ njbuch - Sorry, I do not.