Custom USB device with WinUSB and no INF file required to install - Continued

The latest NETMF SDK 2016 R1 Pre-Release 2 has achieve the above state goal. Previous posts will show this our second attempt to have a GHI Electronic product designed into our current instrument.

This request is to have the SDK support a USB Interrupt Out transfer type endpoint at a minimum. Having both an Interrupt Out and In endpoint would be desirablel.

We have looked at the porting kit which seems to support up to six endpoints, so there should be room for two more endpoints at that level.

The use case is: To allow USB transfers to be scheduled above the bulk transfers, from the two microbiology microscopes imaging transfers. Currently we are using a G400 family, but could consider other platforms that support IFU.

Would GHI Electronics consider making all or a portion of this request to the NETMF SDK?

Thanks for your consideration.

@ PHITEK - It’s something we can look into if there is enough demand for it. At this point I would create a task tracker entry for it.

@ John - Thanks, have created a entry in the Task Tracker for this issue.