Custom PWM circuit for Chipworkx

The Chipworkx development system has only 1 PWM and its reserved for the LCD backlight. I’m working to build a robot platform using this board but need to add on PWM interfaces since it only has one PWM.

I’ve searched the board and haven’t found much information as to what type of circuit to build, or hardware to purchase, in order to use the a digital pin/I2C/SPI interfaces to control a series of servos or motors.

Any recommendations, other than purchase the EMX dev system or FEZ systems?

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you could always look at the IO60 Gadgeteer board and either snip-the-plug or make your own board based around the same chip. The guys working on the driver for that can probably comment more on how the PWM portion is going.

The PWM portion still has a little to get finished. Other projects keep getting in the way :wink: You may have to do a little work with the driver since Chipworkx isn’t Gadgeteer but it would be minimal. If the IO60P16 module doesn’t suit you, there are several other PWM breakout “shield” options available if you search around.

How about an LED driver type IC that provides PWM outputs? Something like the MAX6946/MAX6947?

There are tons on rs232 PWM boards on the market. You’d board already has rs232

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Thanks everybody. Instead of messing with additional shields I decided to pickup another controller with multiple PWM pins. I picked up the FEZ Panda II which arrived yesterday and I was successfully able to control a servo and brushed motor ESC. I’ll post another message on the forum with some sample code to get everybody’s input.