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Custom power module


Hi guys

I’m trying to build a custom power module with a USB socket for deploying and D socket to power my boards. From the schematics (SP, DP and AA module) i see that there is a signal UD_Vbus connected to socket D. In SP and AA modules it is connected to pin 3, in DP module it is connected to pin 6. This signal seems to be a part of the USB 5V (it is connected to a voltage divider).
From the schematics of cerberus board, i see that pin 3 is connected to PA9 of the processor (pin 42) and pin 6 is connected to PB12 (pin 33). But for G120HDR board, pin 3 and pin 6 are not connected.

So, my questions are:

  1. Do i need to connect UD_VBUS to pin 3 (or pin 6) of the D socket?
  2. What is the purpose of that signal?
  3. My custom module is going to be powered by batteries, LM1117 is a good/efficient LDO to generate 3,3V?



Most boards needs only 3V3 supply, some might also need 5V (also needed for some modules).
It does not matter by which gadgeteer connector you supply the power.


My custom power module will be used (mainly) to power a G120HDR with some modules, so i’m going to feed a D socket with 3,3V and 5V. I’ll add UD_VBUS to pin 3 just in case, even i thing that G120HDR doesn’t use it.

Thanks guys for your help.