Custom laser cutting service from GHI

As some of you know, we have bought an 80W laser about a year ago to offer some custom enclosures for gadgeteer users. Unfortunately, the laser we had did not meet our expectations as far as speed and quality and so we never offered anything to you guys.

But, happy holidays to all gadgeteer users, we just sent a check fro over $30,000 on a high end laser. Thanks to the nice servo motors this laser cutter uses, it goes through cuts MUCH faster than previous lasers.

We are begging the laser company to ship to us before Christmas but no guarantee this will happen. Sooner or later, you will have this available to you guys.

No more $10 Tamiya “holed” boards :slight_smile: Get it custom the way you want :wink:

@ Gus - Don’t knock the Tamiya boards…they do a great job for quick & dirty mounting. :wink:

But that said, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what GHI will have to offer…particularly if you’re planning to be price-competitive with the Tamiya offering. :smiley:

Depends on volume, we maybe able to make you “Tamiya” board any color you like and for a similar cost. The difference is you can size it, engrave your name on it…do whatever you like. This is also a learning curve for us but the goal is to fill this gap in gadgeteer-needs.

Dear Santa FEZ,

Next add 3D printing and I promise I will never shop anywhere else for prototyping. Well, unless I need a board fabbed, or minor components, but still…

Awesome. Hope this one works out. BTW, if you need a place to store the “slow” one let me know… :wink:

Please be sure to let us know when the laser is up and ready to go. What would you need us to send to you to get custom boards?

we would need vector file. Details and instructions will be posted. We will start first trials with insiders only and then make it public.

Someday I hope to join that insider list.

You’ll be there before you know it.

I think you have to be at least a Hero rank, so I’m hanging onto my points so when I make Hero level, I can sign up.