Current source files and binary of Fez Cerbuino Bee

Hi All,

Where can I get the up todate source and binaries of Fez Cerbuino Bee. I already checked the codeplex.


Binaries come with the installation:

Source code is on codeplex:

Cerbuino Bee uses same firmware as Cerberus (which is in codeplex)

Thanks so much.

You are welcome!

Hi Architect,
How much does it cost to license your GHI Premium .NETMF for Atmel Arm9 processors for both hobby and possible commercial development?
Will GHI OSHW souce compile for the Atmel Arm926EJ processors like AT91SAM9G45?

If you are making less than 10,000 units of even 100,000 then licensing or porting is too expensive. You will save a lot of money by using one of GHI’s system on modules.

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

I would like you to offer me a little help here:
I downloaded binaries for STM32F4 Discovery board from oberon and was able to load
successfully to the board. When I used the MF Deploy to ping I got reply … TinyClr just any other
.netmf board. However when deploy code from Visual studio, Windows 7 (64bit) complains that
one of the usb devices malfunction. Subsequent pinging would not work unless I erased the chip
and reload the board with the binaries again using stlink utilities.
I ready checked the wiki on modifying the discovery board but others say you easily use the oberon
binaries without any modification.
Can you please help so that I can start using the .netmf on the discovery board?

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