Current plan clarification

Hello Insiders. Many insider posts have moved to TinyCLR and to SITCore categories, meaning they are open to the public.

We have also made the docs live and the website is available here

This means you can openly talk about TinyCLR and SITCore. However, since we have not made the big announcement, please hold on sharing on social media for now. The reason is that we are still tweaking the website and we need to add FEZ Stick and SCM20100E next week.

By the way, we have secured both domains in our name:


When will the new products be available? Through distributors only?

I have a project, and would like to use the new stuff.

Distributors only and it is going to be a couple of months. Till then, we will continue in providing samples or sell direct if necessary.


You have my address :cowboy_hat_face:

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When you are ready, and will be selling direct, I am ready!

Not a high priority project…

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Which board are you interested in?

(Portal | SCM20260D Dev)

You already have the dev. You need more than one?

I don’t have any of the new boards. :disappointed_relieved:

At the time of the signup for the insider boards, I did not have the time available to properly test tinyclr, so I did not sign up.

You were nice and included me in the Insider forum…

If you search someone to test FEZ Duino or FEZ Portal …


I would like to have a sample for my personal use.

Does this mean those who joined the insider program will still receive a development board when the new batch becomes available? What does this process look like? I need to get the dev board we spoke about previously ASAP.

FEZ Duino :heart_eyes: and FEZ Portal :flushed:

We have too many requests but we are trying our best. If you have a specific board in mind then please let @Greg_Norris know what you need and why.

I can understand that you do not plan to distribute free samples to everyone. but if there is a way to buy one or two, please let us know.