CuBox-i by SolidRun

Not to take away from any of the great things GHI is doing recently but do any of you have any experience with this device or company?

Should run Mono just as well as the Pi, but I don’t know if it has any interesting I/O capabilities like the Pi does.

@ khalilm - Thanks for pointing this out! I was looking at i.mx6 docs to build a real tiny PC … someone had the exact same idea I had with even the same processor. How weird is that?! But at least I can go do something else now :slight_smile:

@ Gus - don’t give up on the idea completely. Maybe a i.mx6 board for embedded developers with couple of headers, maybe gadgeteer headers for SPI, I2C and UART.
I am using an i.mx6 board for an application but it took me awhile to find it and as far as I/O it is not real friendly.

The cubox-i looks pretty cool. I might pick one up to play with, the price is pretty good. However I don’t see much use for it in the embedded space. Pi and BeagleBone still are more flexible.

I was looking for something where I could run Android and with HDMI capability on it and came across that. I am just starting to explore this area and there seems to be a whole slew of products entering this space. Hell even Intel is getting involved.

I guess I am looking for some input as to what people have used and would recommend and why.

@ Gus You may have seen this already but here are some more i.MX6 based products. That is the thing, there are so many people entering this market it is hard to keep track. So you think you have a unique idea and boom, seems someone else already has made it and selling it.

The thing I like about the cubox-i is that is complete. No enclosure to buy.

@ khalilm - that link to the 8 alternitives to the Pi actually left out the Galileo board from Intel: Self-Help Resources for Maker & Innovator Products

Intel is also getting ready to release the Edison board which look very cool: Self-Help Resources for Maker & Innovator Products

I am using an i.MX6 board from It is a data collection application that is pulling data from devices on an Ethernet network and uploading them to GroveStreams using a USB cellular modem.

@ skeller Thanks for the links. I will check out

Jesus you could spend all day or days looking at all the different boards…