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This problem has been around for a long time and I’m not sure why there is not a fix for it.
I have a Hydra connected to a T43 display.
Hydra setup with 4.3.
Program setup for 4.3.
My program runs fine when loaded and no debug started.
FEZ config shows that the LCD has been configured with what appears to be correct settings.
Sometimes I can start debug and all is well. I can debug the code. Other times I get the Ctrl-Shift-F5. Doing the Ctrl-Shift-F5 just gets me in a loop which wants me to do it again.
Yesterday I loaded the code with debug at least 20 times with no problem.
Today, I can not get debug to load.
The problem happens in Program.generated.cs when the following is called:
this.displayT43 = new GTM.GHIElectronics.DisplayT43(10, 11, 12, 13);
I have a large program and inserting debug display statements everywhere adds many hours of extra debug time. I have done it before but I should not have too. The thought of having to do it again makes me just want to shut this down.

Is there not something I can do to bypass this Ctrl-Shift-F5 problem.
I have found no fix by searching the forum.

Thanks for any help by anybody,


@ dcas - This is an issue we have been looking into but have no fix for yet. It usually resolves itself after a number of reboot loops.