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Credit for on-sale item



I just noticed that the FEZzes (or FEZi :)) have been put on sale. I just ordered one the other day at full price (it’s even still in the mail). Is there a chance to maybe receive a credit for the difference, maybe towards a component or shield?

If not, don’t worry, sometimes timing is everything :), but I just thought I’d ask.

Thanks, and still looking forward to makin’ cool things :slight_smile:



We can’t do that but please contact us directly


No worries. I obviously felt it a value at full price, so I’m not complaining :slight_smile:



i saw this just some minutes ago and wondered why we’re getting punished as early adopters supporting this cool new product cause we just bought 3 domino’s a week ago paying the full price…



You are not punished! Things go on sale sometimes like everything else. An iPhone cost was about $300 and now only $100!!

Same answer as before, we can’t offer credit back but if you contact us directly then we will see what we can do to make sure you are happy.