Creatng HEX file in FEZ Config

How is this done other than hitting the create button. Do I need to be in a specific directory to get the file to have data? Is there a document on this somewhere?

Yes, just hit the create button, store it anywhere you like.
Then you can use Application deployment to deploy it to as many boards as you like, as long as it has the correct firmware.
Your app and Firmware must be a 100% match.
There should be a pictured post by me in the forums how to do it exactly.

I create file names, but it doesn’t have any data 0kb. When I build the .NET file, what is compiling to get the *.HEX file? What do I need to do other than build the project?

@ Dicecontroller -

Did you load your application into your device?

I did get it to work…Thank you… So, before the *.hex file can be created, it must be deployed first?