Creation - Mounting Plate - Large

I just posted Mounting Plate - Large on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


very cool

Nice! Does the XL one not have "G"s in the corners or is it upside down in the pic?

@ ianlee74 - it was meant to, but Mr worker bee at the factory forgot to put them on… :frowning:

I assume you’re not using Eagle to create these large boards. What are you using? Are the board files available (actually, of your smaller plate)? I need to create something similar.

@ ianlee74 - Eagle…

Registered version then?

yes, i needed 4 layers for Octopus…

@ Justin
Very nice. :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74
If I recall correctly then you can do this with free Eagle. You can make a board as big as you want, you just can’t place parts outside the limited area. As many holes as you want though… I have used my free eagle to design files for laser cutting before which was way bigger than the limit. :slight_smile:

Nice. I’m going to test this tonight. I thought I saw somewhere there was a limit of around 10cm x 10cm.

There is a limit of 100mm x 80mm, for the free non-commercial version. But as GMan says, that’s for placing parts, and a hole is not a part, and silkscreen labelling is also not a part. That probably gets you most of what you need for something like this :slight_smile:

That seems to be the case. Unfortunately, that still blows a hole in my plans. I actually wanted to place a few parts near the center of the board and it won’t let me :frowning:

If you only need to place parts in the middle then why not place the parts in the confined area and place the holes around it. Ie your parts start at 0,0 to 100,80 but your hole run from -200,-200 to 200,200…

Because that would require thinking outside the box and I was obviously too tired to do that last night… :frowning: That works perfectly. Thanks, GMod!