Creation - Ethernet POE 2.0

Check out my new Ethernet POE 2.0 on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Boards are in production as we speak.

Many have asked for this. You should sell plenty :wink:

I think creations sections is one of the best latest additions to the forum!

Nice module Architect.

nice price point,
can you tell us more about the module?
will it work with OSH and Premium or just OSH?



@ Architect - Are you using these with a POE router, or are you injecting power with something like ? If you’ve found a decent small-ish low cost router, please post a link. Last time I poked around for a router I couldn’t find anything in the ‘hobbyist’ price range.

These are for the Premium boards (E- socket), but I am working on one for the OSHW as well.

I have tested it with POE enabled switch. I will test it with injector. I have to look for the router info and will post the link later.

@ ransomhall -

But that wouldn’t require a board like his? since that solution can be used with standard Ethernet Jack…

Cooolllll, thanks.


I don’t know about this one, but it has some good reviews and price is not bad at all:

Thinking about getting for home. 8 ports total (4 POE)

@ Architect -

Any news on this module ?

If I understand well, it will be a POE Splitter…Will you limit it to the 802.3af or POE+ standard ?