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Creating a FEZ domino from scratch


Hi Community, I am currently trying to build a FEZ domino board from scratch. I took the board Eagle schematics and had create me a PCB. I then purchased the components form NEWARK.COM that were on the Excel file.

Unfortunately I am not able to get my computer to recognize the attached board when I plug it into the USB connector. I have checked to make sure that all of the VDD’s are connected to the pins on the board. I have checked my voltage regulators, both the 5v and the 3.3 v regulators to make sure they are outputting the correct voltages.

I have a FEZ board that I purchased complete and I have been comparing some of the voltage values to my board and have found that the D+ and D- of the mini USB controller are at ~.1mV this is very wrong because the Voltage on the board from TinyCRL has these both at ~2.5V.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix this problem
Please help!

Thanks, David


You have used USBizi144 chipset or blank LPC2388 micro?


I used the blank LPC2388, I guess thats where I messed up.

Is there any way to program this chip to get it to act like the USBizi144?


No. Not unless GHI agreed to you sending the chip or board to them to flash the bootloader for a fee :slight_smile:

The USBizi is what earns GHI money for the resources they put into developing and supporting the firmware.

However you could develop your own port of the NETMF using the porting ebook as a starting point.


Note that the price of USBizi is only couple dollars more than the raw chip. Very cheap compared ot the efforts that went into it.


Thanks for the help guys!


I totally agree with you. Your chip looks fantastic, but 30 pounds for chip is to much.


Yeah but it’s not 30 pound for the chip, is it? It’s 30 pound for the IP on the chip. Drivers and optimizations that would take a single coder a year or more to do if he were good. If that’s not worth 30 pound there are chips out there w/o the IP for less.


@ civanovici

30 GBP? Where do you live? That is an overpriced USBizi !

I can locally source a single LPC2388 for about $10 US. The USBizi 144 Chipset is $18.95 US.

For $9 I get a mature NETMF implementation with tons of features and excellent support to back it.

This for singles, if I were buying 500 chips the cost of a blank chip will be ~ $9 US and the USBizi $13.27 US. Now we are looking at ~ $3.27 for the IP :slight_smile:

Hope this makes some sense.

[italic]Alternatively you can use a blank chip and make your own. Read the Wiki for DIY NETMF If you need the PCB and parts for the FEZ Hacker, please drop me an email at fezh@ with your postal address and I can work out a custom quote.[/italic]


LPC2388 at Digikey ( a famous parts provider) is for $15.38

USBizi144 is for $18.95


This is interesting as this is what i would like to do. i was also going to go for a blak LPC but for a couple of extra bucks save my self some headaches alone the way it is totally worth it. So aside from the Lpc anything i would be better off getting from GHI ?
Question the chip has 71 GPIOs and i know some are for the usb host and sd card and other peripherals but assuming i am not using a certain peripheral can i break out those pins and use them as standard GPIOs ? because taking the Arduino for factor and making it shield complicated sort of cripples the device as far as available pins go.

I also look forward to becoming an active member of this community and contributing with what ever i may help.


Yes you can use all IOs.

Welcome to the community. BTW, search the forum for a very long thread about FEZ Ant


Oh wow, nice thread i will look through it thoroughly
thank you for the heads up and quick reply kind man.


quick question , i do not yet own a fez board i am waiting till payday, friday, to order a domino and some USBizi chips, but i plan on making my own board after a while and while reading through this book, Expert .NET micro Framework , , the author is now talking about “the register a hardware provider” and reserving pins for specific use such as SPI or I2C, now my question is the following
I am going to be buying some USBizi chips from GHI but i also plan on breaking out more IO’s then what the Domino has ,but i know USBizi is GHI’s layer of the pinOuts which does not include the Pins that have not been broken-out in the board, so can i edit it?, or does GHI NOT let me do that? For examplethe Cpu pins reserved for the sd slot , can i brake them out and use them as GPIOs and edit the GHI class to include those pins as GPIO?

further more can i reserve a pin as for ISP and as a digital pin as well? or are they only allowed to be used as one or the other.?

i hope i am making sense…


Not true! USBizi does support most IOs but domino doesn’t expose all of them. You can make your own boards and expose all pins. Basically all pins are available USBizi1000. On USBizi144 all pins are available except those used of external memory (reserved fro future use)

In other words, you have 71 IOs you can use!


OH alright then this is great!! thank you sir for clearing that up! now lets hope Friday comes quick ive been dying to get my hands on a board. i have to kick the 8bit habbit.


will start a new thread.