Create Vibration

first time poster. I have a Cerbuino and a Hydra and need to generate a vibration. Our experience level is low (we’re programmers!) but we’re comfortable with the modules and communicating with them. I would hope that there is a module that can be ‘driven’ to generate a vibration.
Any help much appreciated,


John Kelleher

@ appsolo - Welcome to the community.

What type of vibration do you need, are you looking for something like the ‘force feedback’ in the console joysticks for example?

Exactly, like a rumble pack in a controler. I would imagine by varying the frequency of the signal to the motor we could do this. Also, this item would (eventually) be housed behind a facia would could be part of the vibration setup,


I don’t think that there’s a module for this (yet, give these guys around here some time). But something like the below && ( MakeBreak || GHI Extender || GHI Breakout) module and minimal soldering should work.

" With a 2-3.6V operating range, these units shake crazily at 3V."

Those little motors made for phones are perfect. Ebay has many I assume.

Please note that you cannot directly drive vibration motors from a digital output. You will need to use a transistor or similar high current driver to turn it on/off/

Hi guys,
thanks for great response. However, at the risk of sounding stupid, can you expound a little on how I might hook up a a simple motor to a .NET Gadgeteer (I have Cerbuino & Hydra) as well as an expansion module and relay module. Afraid we’re (just) programmers and I get excited when I get an LED lite. Thankfully, my 17yo knows more so he might be able to translate but a tutorial link or similar would be equally helpful,



You need Load module :slight_smile:

@ appsolo - Load module is what you need.

Depends on the motor. How much current it draws, but check here:

So something like a vibration motor ( would pair with the load module to generate a vibration?

That is correct, the device you have linked to is the same one that @ mhectorgato pointed you to.

Thanks all, for you help, J