Create a Hex file for deployment without a physical Gadgeteer device

I’ve asked this question how to deploy to production devices without vs. see here:
my question is now how do I create the hex file not from an existing gadgeteer - I want to use some build system without a connected gadgeteer and create the hex file. (can
use VS for this is needed.)
and do I need to create a key?

Not possible but can you explain a complete scenario on what you are trying to do?

I am trying to get the hex file - production file for deployment at customers side.
which I do not need the gadgeteer device itself in order to create the hex file.
the server which I want to create the hex file from cannot be connected to a physical gadgeteer device
any way I can do this?

Yes not possible but aren’t you going to test the code before sending to customer? Which means you have a device?

Actually it is possible but you need to make a tool for this. But with current available tools, it had not an option.

I have devices and it will be tested. but I want code to be taken from share source. and not from a certain developers testing environment
can you guide me on how to create a tool for that?
p.s. will it be a different hex file if deploying on different chips?
(spider/ hydra etc.)

Yes it is device dependent. Search for Linux support on wiki and take a look at sources please.