?Craigslist for electronic components, etc.?

Does anyone know of, or care to start, a marketplace for electronic components similar to Craigslist?
For example, when the smARtMAKER Kickstarter campaign started, I was all excited, now, not so much. I have 1 unused smARtMAKER Starter Kit I would like to pass on to someone more interested than I, and hopefully recover a few bucks on it.
I don’t know of an appropriate place to list such things, but I’m sure such a site would be useful to many of us here and elsewhere.

No idea, I think ebay is the place to go.

Btw, whats the status of the smartmaker stuff?

@ -GHI is this a missing Topic on our site? A Topic to sell modules (or similar) and possibly to barter

GHI has a place to sell new hardware.
Not sure if this is the right place to sell used stuff.
But anyone can ask in off topic if someone is interested to buy something.

@ njbuch - I assume it’s going strong, although I just received my KS reward recently.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - My understanding is that Creations is for new “products” from individuals. This would be for one-offs and general “stuff”. Have an extra BBB? Have a box of 200 LED’s you don’t need? That kind of stuff. I wouldn’t want to clutter up Off Topic with a hundred “junk sale” threads.

I agree Creations is not the place for this kind of one-off “I have surplus that I want to get rid of”. It really is just for netmf creations that are purchasable by anyone

Personally I would be comfortable saying if it’s Netmf related and relevant to here then an post in the off-topic section would be OK for this. If GHI okayed it, I could see that extending to electronics goodies too. I doubt we’ll get hundreds of posts like this (but could be proven wrong :slight_smile: )

I don’t know of an alternate - perhaps Craigslist is your best bet?

I think an own topic is better. and it needs a function to close a thread when the article is sold out

Ok, that’s it. If you want something done, you’ve got to let someone else write a clone of a successful website and use it. I think I’ll check into starting a “Gregg’s List” for electronics and such. Not too sure I want to orient it around geographical location, though, since most things will be shipped rather than picked up. Any suggestions for features?


Wish you the best, but I think most people end up gravitating to eBay. Not saying that is unchangeable, but it would be a pretty massive undertaking to get enough people over to your site to get any sort of inventory there.

While on the topic, I have a bunch of Panda and panda II related stuff I will want to sell. Tinkerer kits, full unused Fez Ultimate kits, lots and lots of eBlocks, etc. If anyone is interested, let me know.

@ FireyFate - Well, I would have the advantage of no fees. The hosting is free, or at least, already paid for, and if it gets too big for that account, then I should be able to get some advertising to support it. I see E-Bay as a great place for people this group to find stuff from wholesalers, not so good for us to dump stuff onto the market. On E-Bay, you have to sell, on this site you could afford to give stuff away for the cost of shipping. Having just moved, I just threw away, er, recycled a bunch of stuff I know someone would have wanted. Heck, I still wanted it, but sometimes you gotta let go. My dream is to be able to pass it on without fees.


Yeah, I also have plenty of stuff that is just rusting… Would really like to exchange it for something new :slight_smile:

While I too think that there’s a need (not sure how “profitable” it would be) I wanted to suggest an option. Find a local Hackerspace and see if there’s someone local that will get value from it - even if the answer is “no”, it’s a good target audience.

@ Brett - That sounds like a great suggestion. Here in Dallas, we have a First Saturday Sidewalk Sale (http://www.sidewalksale.com/). It was amazing during the .COM bubble, but it’s still pretty cool. I’m going to get a booth and truck on down a bunch of rackmount stuff I no longer need, going micro. The point being, I will find the target audience there. As far as profit goes, I’m going for break-even. I don’t want to charge anyone, just pay for it with donations, advertising, and my own $. Like I said, the hosting is free and I’m looking at an OLX clone for $240.

@ Simon - I would have gladly traded my rackmount servers for the electronics equipment and materials I have now.

And I love the fact that you want a “trading post” that takes nothing and just covers costs. My profit point was really that I didn’t think it’d make much money at the start (and perhaps the future too) so long as you’re happy to get it funded in your own way, that’s an awesome community-minded thing to do. For me, getting something I am not going to use and having it go to someone more likely to use it rather than going in landfill or to be broken down in one of the worlds reclamation processing plants, so I’ll find some stuff to get up on the site once it’s available :slight_smile: