CP7 with HDMI/VGA interface instead of gadgeteer sockets?

Any chance there would be a CP7 with the above interface board? Also, assume the touch screen control would need to be piped out of USB?

IIR there’s a steep license fee for HDMI.

VGA works for me, as long as it comes out of the back.

Looking at something like this: http://store.mp3car.com/Lilliput_7_Inch_USB_Powered_WVGA_Touch_Screen_UM_7_p/mon-116.htm

Ideally would like to have a replacement board that I can swap on the back of the CP7 based on the application - CarPC or netmf board w/ ODBII sensor and GPS. That way I can keep the bezel mounts the same.

You basically need a DVI decoder. That is a simple chip, but the routing can be a pain.

On top of that you need an EEPROM with the screen identification and supported resolutions + timings stuff. It’s called the EDID data and isn’t to hard to generate.

How about a board that takes DVI on the one side and has Gadgeteer RGB sockets on the other side that the screen can plug into? :slight_smile:

I have looked at DVI to paralel TFT before. Got samples of the chips, but didn’t have an affordable PCB house at the time. Now PCBs are less of an issue but DVI has not been a priority again… :frowning:

Hmm. That DVI module is interesting, but not what I want for this project. I basically want a board that will let me plug a non-NETMF microPC/ThinClient into a CP7 and drive it via HDMI or VGA with the touch sensor going to a USB port on the PC. Was trying to reduce the number of boards involved by being able to swap the ribbon cables on the CP7 to the new controller board and then plug it up

Be glad to chat about the DVI mod off-line.

Check this out: DVI2PAR - a video HDMI/DVI decoder for the beagleboard

However, the project uses the TI TFP101A (TFP101A data sheet, product information and support | TI.com) and TI recommends the TFP401A for new designs (TFP401A data sheet, product information and support | TI.com).

For EDID you need to wire a (pre)programmed I2C 1024bit EEPROM to the correct pins.

I have samples of the TFP101, and I saw the NRFD for it, but IT states that the TFP401 is pin compatible, but not function compatible because it is better… :slight_smile:

I think the multi touch USB HID interface might be harder. I have done HID keyboards, and played with HID joystick code, but never HID touch screen code…

Simple, copy paste the code from my snippet: http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/420 it enumerates as HID Pen device. Et voila :wink:

EDIT: Oh right “multi-touch”, ok the snippet will not work for multitouch I guess…
But you can use a controller like this one: http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/TouchSystems/TouchScreen/Solutions/TouchScreenControllers/EXII-Controller/ (the only mention of multi-touch is the “MT” abbrevation in the specifications however, so not clear if it’s full multi-touch compatible)

Your sample it close, just need to re do the descriptors for Touch. But using a NETMF board for this will not be cost effective. Rather a $5 PIC18F. :slight_smile:

That 3M chip is also no good. The CP7 already has a cap touch driver, but it outputs I2C, so we need something that takes I2C in on one side and outputs USB HID Touch on the other…