Cover plate for Display T35

Hi guys!
I’m going to start an home automation project.
The Display T35 will be used for controlling the whole system so I’d like to find a cover plate or something to install the display on a wall.
Do you know if there is something available on the market?
Any idea to solve the problem?

Many thanks!


Not seen anything specifically purchaseable - but given 3d printing technology, I’d say you need to go down that path :slight_smile:

Personally, I think I’d go with the CP7. A little more expensive but it’s capacitive touch and it’s easy to make it look polished. You just find a box and cut a hole in it. The CP7 has double stick tape all around the edges that adhere/seal it to the box. That being said I think removal is never an option once it’s mounted…

Hi guys!
I’m not so good in cutting holes, so probably a 3d printer is definitely what I need… :slight_smile:
I’m going to look the specs of the cp7.
Thank you for your answers and have a happy new year!

@ SteZab - You could also have something laser-cut, using a service such as Ponoko. There are already a couple of designs up there for Gadgeteer that include the T35, so you could modify one of those to suit your needs: