Count me in for the smallest EMX carrier board!

Question time:

So is the video is playing from the SD?

Is this straight .NETMF? (V4.1 or 4.2?) Or is it RLP?

What format is the video file?

Very impressive!

Is it playing a mirror image?

@ mhectorgato - it’s rlp, you can find your answers in this thread:

@ ianlee74 - yes, I forgot to mirror the bitmap sequence before putting them on the SD card :slight_smile:

bonus points for hand soldering all those pins on the EMX module ! Well done. Looks awesome. Now it’s time to start on the 3d printed case and that would be a killer !



@ ianlee74 now how many times have you seen that movie? you must have seen it a 100 times to recognize that is was mirrored… LOL

Actually, I would have never known if there hadn’t been text in the first scene :slight_smile:

@ Brett - I already have the case, that’s why everything needed to be tiny :slight_smile:

Put some more photos of it in case when you are done.

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This keep s getting better and better :slight_smile:

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