Count me in for the smallest EMX carrier board!

Today I got a 2inch 320x240 LCD running on my home made EMX carrier board. I had a hard time to get both EMX and LCD configured, but I finally managed it.

I’m so excited that I needed to share this with all of you! See attached pictures. BTW: Everything is hand soldered.


Wicked :slight_smile:

That looks great! You building a FEZ iPod?

@ ianlee74 - It’s a FEZ movie player :slight_smile: (Remember my SD card speed test for displaying a movie on EMX?)

@ WouterH - That is awesome. Now there needs to be one for the G120. :slight_smile:


Of course. My screen is still smoking… :wink: Will it have sound?

@ ianlee74 - not directly, it will sync audio through a laptop over zigbee.

@ Michael - If G120 was ready Q1 2012, this would have been the case :wink:

I remember some schematics you posted somewhere of this. Nice to see it take shape! Is this a commercial or hobby project? If it is a “Wouter Enterprise, Ltd.” project, let us know when we can purchase one :slight_smile:

@ ransomhall - It’s a commercial project I’m building in my spare time. I’m not planning a mass production of this one, because it requires this particular LCD. I don’t understand why there is no standard for connecting this kind of LCD’s, every manufacturer invents their own pin-out.

That is awesome !

Very neat looking board!

@ WouterH - Man, I will definitely order one up if you’re willing to sell. So small with LCD and I see PTH exposed! ::drool::


Just added, charger and power path controller IC, see how it runs on LiPol battery. It can now charge over USB and secondary DC input. Power path controller will choose the best input.

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very very nice. Waiting for a video showing video playback to add to “community showcase” so ti is right on home page :slight_smile: Are you making a video?

I was wondering what those empty pads were for.

really, really nice WouterH…

can’t saying it enough… and thank you for sharing the news… it’s people like you that keep me hooked, just when i’m about to give up LOL

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Here’s a movie. But I should invest in a decent camera I guess :wink:


Agreed - I know it sounds cheesy, but a lot of the members around here are inspirational for me.

Things like this, push me to learn more/do more/contribute more.

@ WouterH - Two thumbs up.