Could Not Start

Don’t ask me why Windows 7 suddenly decided to have a problem with throwing the Cobra into it’s GHI bootloader mode, but it did. “Could not start device” was the error. And in normal mode? Didn’t recognize the device at all.

Switching USB ports and throwing it into GHI Bootloader to reset the firmware worked though. Silly windows. :naughty:

What? You mean a Microsoft product caused another product spawned by Microsoft to crash? This HAS to be a first!

Happened to me today. Had to switch ports to fix.

That is not too uncommon, it is likely an issue with the USB HW itself on the PC itself getting into a strange state. Looking at the USB specs there are conditions that can cause the USB port to turn itself off. Once you unplug and replug into a different port everything seems to get reset. I have also experienced that some PCs USB implementations are better than others. I have one PC that the built in ports are worthless.